Dec 1, 2009

IIROC Draft Guidance Note: “Know Your Client and Suitability Guidelines”

Nov 2, 2009

Contracts for Difference: Gambling for Retail Investors

Oct 17, 2009

CSA Proposed Amendments to the Sale of Mutual Funds to Retail Investors

Aug 6, 2009

MFDA Task Force on Governance Issues Report

Jul 23, 2009

CSA, IIROC and MFDA Proposals Re. the Client Relationship Model

Jul 23, 2009

MFDA Proposed Amendments to Relationship Disclosure and Performance Reporting

Jul 16, 2009

IIROC Proposed Over-the-Counter Securities Fair Pricing Rule and Confirmation Disclosure Requirements

Jul 13, 2009

The Strange Case of Leveraged and Inverse ETFs, Part 2: A Few Steps Forward; Much Remains to be Done

May 14, 2009

Investor Alert on the Dangers of Leveraged and Inverse ETFs: Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose: The Strange Case of Leveraged ETFs

May 4, 2009

Toronto Stock Exchange Proposed Changes to Part VI of TSX Company Manual