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Jul, 2024

FAIR Canada: Protecting Consumers – Regulating AI in Financial Markets

Jun, 2024

FAIR Focus: Saskatchewan Leads the Way on Binding Authority for OBSI

May, 2024

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Apr, 2024

FAIR Focus: Why Are Some Groups Opposed to Binding Complaint Resolution for Investors?

Mar, 2024

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Feb, 2024

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Jan, 2024

FAIR Focus: 2023 Year in Review – Key Developments and Accomplishments

Nov, 2023

FAIR Focus: Complaint-Handling – A Big Win for Bank Customers, But There’s More to Do

Oct, 2023

FAIR Focus: The Value of Diverse Boards and Executive Teams to Investors

Sep, 2023

FAIR Focus: Title Protection – Opening Pandora’s Box

Jul, 2023

FAIR Focus: The Latest Trend – HISA ETFs

Jun, 2023

FAIR Focus: World Elder Abuse Day – How to Protect Yourself