21 sept. 22

The Financial Planners and Financial Advisors Regulations – Notice of Proposed Changes and Request for Further Comment

28 juill. 22

CSA and CCIR Joint Notice and Request for Comment – Total Cost Reporting for Investment Funds and Segregated Funds

7 juill. 22

CSA Notice and Request for Comment – Proposed Amendments and Proposed Changes to Implement an Access Equals Delivery Model for Non-Investment Fund Reporting Issuers

28 juin 22

CSA Consultation on the Application for Recognition of New Self-Regulatory Organization

14 avril 22

Proposed Amendments Respecting Reporting, Internal Investigation and Client Complaint Requirements

18 févr. 22

Consultation Draft – Capital Markets Act

17 févr. 22

Independent Evaluations of the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI) with respect to Investment-Related Complaints and Banking-Related Complaints, and of the ADR Chambers Banking Ombuds Office (ADRBO) with respect to Banking Related Complaints

14 févr. 22

FSRA – Complaints Resolution: Policy Framework and Best Practices (No. GR0013INF)

21 janv. 22

CSA Request for Comment 11-343 – Proposal to Establish a CSA Investor Advisory Panel

20 déc. 21

AMF – Projet de règlement sur le traitement des plaintes et règlement des différends