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December 19, 2019 FAIR Canada welcomes the CSA ban on embedded commissions for mutual funds
November 6, 2019 FAIR Canada Announces New Members of the Board of Directors
October 18, 2019 FAIR Canada Statement on The Jarislowsky Foundation and FAIR Canada Endowment Fund
October 10, 2019 FAIR Canada Welcome’s CSA’s Finalized Client Focused Reform Rules’ Investor Interest Enhancement
June 27, 2019 FAIR Canada Statement on SNC: Part 2: Clarification of FAIR Canada Position
June 6, 2019 FAIR Canada Statement on Bombardier Automatic Share Disposition Plan
April 16, 2019 FAIR Canada Statement on SNC: Why Penalize Millions of Canadians? 
April 8, 2019 FAIR Canada: Update on Staffing and Board of Directors 
November 28, 2018 Consumer advocates welcome Minister Morneau’s first step to fix external banking complaints system
November 1, 2018 You Are Poorer Than You Think: Effective today 70% of Canadian consumers will no longer be able to resolve their bank complaints by going to a non-profit, independent ombudsman
October 11, 2018 Consumer Advocates Launch Campaign Calling for One Banking Ombudsman
December 8, 2017 FAIR Canada and PIAC Welcome Steps to Ensure Compliance with OBSI Requirements
November 16, 2017 Report on Vulnerable Investors: Elder Abuse, Financial Exploitation, Undue Influence and Diminished Mental Capacity
November 2, 2017 Osgoode Clinic Provides Free Legal Assistance to Aggrieved Investors
August 23, 2017 Frank Allen Joins FAIR Canada as Executive Director
May 18, 2017 FAIR Canada and CARP Call for Major Changes to Proposed New Regulator
April 4, 2017 FAIR Canada Calls on CSA to Address Reports of Improper Sales Practices at Canada’s Banks
March 31, 2017 FAIR Canada Welcomes Steps to Improve Financial Planning and Financial Advisory Services in Ontario
March 23, 2017 FAIR Canada Supportive of Expert Committee’s Final Report on Regulating Financial Advisory and Financial Planning Services
August 25, 2016 FAIR Canada calls for the OSC to hear complaint about Sirius XM Canada privatization
October 14, 2015

Industry veteran Brad Doney joins Fair Canada board

August 21, 2014 FAIR Canada Announces New Funding From Regulators
August 11, 2014 FAIR Canada Makes Recommendations to Protect Canadians from Investment Fraud
March 18, 2013 FAIR Canada Opposes Equity Crowdfunding- True Capital Formation Requires Efficient Markets and Strong Investor Protection
November 26, 2012 FAIR Canada Announces Governance Changes
February 18, 2011 FAIR Canada Release – A Report on a Decade of Financial Scandals
November 30, 2010 FAIR Canada Release – FAIR Canada Calls on Ontario Government to Strengthen Retirement System
July 27, 2010 FAIR Canada Release – Managing Conflicts of Interest at the TSX – FAIR Canada Releases Expert Report
June 15, 2010 FAIR Canada Release – FAIR Canada: Magna Deal an Abuse of the Markets
March 11, 2010 FAIR Canada Release – FAIR Canada Issues Report on Money Market Funds: Canadian Losing Out out $300-$500 Million
October 20, 2009 FAIR Canada Release – FAIR Canada calls for improvements to CSA Point of Sale
July 13, 2009 FAIR Canada Release – Update on Leveraged and Inverse ETFs: Report Calls on Regulators to Act to Protect Investors
May 14, 2009 FAIR Canada Release – FAIR Canada Issues Investor Warning on Leveraged and Inverse ETFs
January 23, 2009 FAIR Canada Release – FAIR Canada Applauds OSC Decision in HudBay Case and Urges TSX to Bring Shareholder Approval Requirements in Line with Major Markets
September 29, 2008 FAIR Canada Launch Release
September 29, 2008 IIROC Release

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