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FAIR Canada welcomes financial contributions to support our work. It is our policy, however, to accept donations only if they are free of conditions or stipulations that might compromise FAIR Canada’s mission, objects, strategic priorities, independence, integrity or objectivity.

Why support FAIR Canada?

FAIR Canada’s mission is to be a national voice for investors in securities regulation and a catalyst for enhancing the rights of Canadian shareholders and individual investors. As a voice for Canadian investors, FAIR Canada provides information and education to the public, governments and regulators about investors’ rights and protections in Canada’s capital markets. We are Canada’s only national, non-profit, investor-focused organization with a full-time staff of securities lawyers. Our approach is to be a sophisticated, thoughtful, objective and balanced voice for Canadian investors on a national basis, without grievance or acrimony. In this way, we believe FAIR Canada contributes to a better functioning policymaking process – benefitting not only investors, but also securities regulators and the financial services community as a whole.

As a registered charity, FAIR Canada’s objects are dedicated to informing and educating the public, governments and regulators about the investor perspective on matters relating to capital markets. FAIR Canada conducts research on capital markets, savings, investments and investment practices, and we publish our findings to the public, governments and regulators. We also hold public conferences, roundtables, and symposia on these subjects and, through our own publications, news media and other means, FAIR Canada works to promote broad public awareness of investor protection issues.

FAIR Canada has received strong financial support from the Ontario Securities Commission and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. However, for us to be optimally effective and remain a strong voice for Canadian investors, a broad base of support is needed to give us a long-term, sustainable financial footing.

What you can do

Making a donation to FAIR Canada is easy. You can simply use the “DONATE NOW” button at the top of this page. It will link you to CanadaHelps.org and they will process your donation online, including issuing an official tax receipt for use in claiming a charitable gift deduction.

For large donations, we encourage you to make arrangements with FAIR Canada directly by contacting Jean-Paul Bureaud, Chair at:

Email   JP.Bureaud@faircanada.ca


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