2011 Media Coverage

December 22
December 22
December 21 Toronto Star – Decision Day by Supreme Court on National Securities Watchdog
December 21
December 5 Globe and Mail – Canadian investors ‘gouged’ by fees
December 2 Investment Executive – Leverage in the crosshairs
December 2 Investment Executive – Fund Facts targeted
December 2 Investment Executive – CSA targets key exemptions
December 1 Financial Post – Regulators must scrutinize Maple’s TMX bid: OSC
December 1 Toronto Star – Maple bid a recipe for monopoly, critic warns
November 28 Financial Post – Good news and bad news for TMX suitor Maple
November 25 Alison Griffiths – Why are mutual fund fees so high? Here’s the reason…
November 21 Investment Executive – FAIR Canada calls on Ottawa to strengthen OBSI
November 21 Financial Post – FAIR urges Ottawa to make OBSI mandatory
November 17 London South East (www.lse.co.uk) – Canada’s TMX deal to run gauntlet of public scrutiny (same article posted in the New Brunswick Journal
November 14 Investment Executive – Targeting emerging-market issuers
November 10 Toronto Star – OSC calls in police to probe Sino-Forest 
November 7 Financial Post – TMX Group’s Canadian equity exchanges lead in new listings (same article posted in the Vancouver Sun)
November 6 The Star – Roseman: OSC’s investor panel bites back
November 5 The Montreal Gazette – Occupy Wall Street: Reining in the rich
October 28 Investment Executive – OSC advisory panel wants greater say in policymaking
October 22 Financial Post – Planners should make plans
October 21 Globe and Mail – OSC proposes ‘no-contest’ settlements
October 21 The Star – OSC aims to speed up cases with new rules
October 21 Financial Post – OSC unveils new American-style enforcement measures
October 17 Investment Executive – Fund Facts fast relief
October 17

Investment Executive – Industry weighs in on FDM

October 17 The Windsor Star – Good financial planners put clients first
October 14 Winnipeg Free Press – Know what you’re paying fund managers
October 13 Financial Post – Pierrie Lortie: Single national securities regulator wouldn’t better serve Canada’s needs
October 12 Investment Executive – FAIR Canada supports TSX corporate governance improvements
October 7 Investment Executive – FAIR Canada calls for better leverage regulation
October 4 Financial Post – Mediator under attack
October 3 Globe and Mail – Want more lower fee funds? Vote with your wallet
October 1 CTV W5 – Who is Protecting your investments?: All that Glitters
September 28 Globe and Mail – Let’s stop hiding the cost of mutual fund fees
September 27 Globe and Mail – Ottawa price probe asked to look at mutual fund costs
September 27 canoe.ca (Money) – FAIR Canada asks Flaherty to tackle high mutual fund fees
September 27 Toronto Sun – FAIR asks Flaherty to review high mutual fund fees
September 26 Investment Executive – OSC considering fiduciary duty for dealers and advisors
September 23 Investment Executive – Advisory panel gains traction (Page 1 – 2)
September 23 Investment Executive – Guest column: Fund Facts still seriously flawed
September 23 Investment Executive – Flying under the radar
September 23 Financial Post – Ombuds report fails to bridge gap between industry and mediator
September 19 BNN Headline – Investor Protection
September 18 Winnipeg Free Press/Canadian Business.com – Broader review of emerging markets listings needed, not just regulators: FAIR
September 15 Toronto Sun – Dishonest financial advisers slip through the cracks, FAIR says
September 13 Macleans – Really bad investment advice
September 1 Investment Executive – Give SROs more power to collect fines, Fair Canada says
August 26 The Star – Tough to monitor company based in China
August 26 Financial Post – OSC claims potential fraud at Sino-Forest
August 26 Investment Executive – Gripes hit OBSI
August 26 FP Street – OSC finally makes a big move
August 24 BNN – Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
August 17 FP Street – Free bond price quotes could disrupt market model
August 14 Investment Executive – CSA proposes two-day limit for “fund facts” delivery
July 28 The Star – Maple Leaf adopts poison pill plan
July 20 Investment Executive – U.S. regulators seek penalties against RBC Capital Markets
July 7 Financial Post – Chinese listings already on the ropes
July 7 Investment Executive – Fund companies withholding investment risk methodology
July 6 BNN Headline – China’s Rate Hike & Latest on Europe
July 6 FP Street – Chinese listings already on the ropes
July 6 The Star – Investor lessons from the Sino-Forest affair
June 30 BNN SqueezePlay – Competition Concerns for Maple
June 24 Edmonton Journal – Two controversies show dealings with China not always simple
June 22 BNN – Regulators face dilemma with Chinese companies
June 22 BNN Headline – “Bear Attacks” and How to Protect Investors from Unwarranted Assaults
June 21 Financial Post – Mud on our face
June 21 CTV News – A chill falls over Chinese stocks
June 11 FP News – Stalemate threatens ombudsman
June 8 Investment Executive – FAIR Canada calls for better protection for insurance buyers
June 6 Windsor Star – Ombudsman for investors under fire
June 3 Financial Post – Investor groups lobby to save ombudsman
May 30 Investment Executive – Gearing up to work with “fund facts”
May 19 The Street – LinkedIn’s IPO: Why You Weren’t Invited
May 13 CBC News – Securities regulator lawsuit is ‘very unusual’
April 30 Globe and Mail – Whether penny stock or leveraged ETF, know what you are buying
April 29 Investment Executive – Proposed changes to CFP code of ethics
April 29 Investment Executive – Fatal flaw in feds’ plan?
April 14 BNN Headline – National Securities Regulator? (3 Parts)
April 14 Globe and Mail – National Regulator no ‘slippery slope,’ Ontario tells Supreme Court 
April 13 Investment Executive – National regulator necessary for proper oversight, Supreme Court hears
April 6 CBC Lang & O’Leary Exchange – Enforcement Gap (47 minutes into video)
March 14 Globe and Mail – In TMX/LSE merger, whose rules apply?
March 14 Mining Markets – A cure for insider trading
March 10 Globe and Mail – More protection urged for mutual fund investors
March 7 MSN Money – Canada’s Worst Financial Scams
February 28 The Wall Street Journal – Practice Management Canada: Discerning Fraud In Investment Practice
February 25 Moneyville.ca – Investment fraud victims deserve a better deal
February 24 Investment Executive – Codify requirement to put clients’ best interests first: FAIR Canada
February 23 Financial Post – Fraudsters not put off by penalties
February 19 Global-Investment-Institute.com – FAIR Canada is an organization dedicated to fighting fraud
February 19 Montreal Gazette – Inadequate investor protection a ‘disgrace’
February 18 Globe and Mail – Fraud report urges whistleblower requirement, tipping rewards
February 18 Montreal Gazette – Isn’t it finally time to protect investors?
February 18 Investment Executive – Investor rights group calls for fix to Canada’s financial fraud problem
February 15 BNN Squeeze Play – NYSE Takeover Red Flags
February 9 Globe and Mail – Technology savings a big driver of deal
December 22
October 1 CTV W5 – Who is Protecting your investments?: All that Glitters
September 19 BNN Headline – Investor Protection
August 24 BNN Headline – Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)
July 6 BNN Headline – China’s Rate Hike & Latest on Europe
July 6 BNN Business Day – Oil & Energy Markets
June 22 BNN Headline – “Bear Attacks” and How to Protect Investors from Unwarranted Assaults
April 14 BNN Headline – National Securities Regulator? (3 Parts)
April 6 CBC Lang & O’Leary Exchange – Enforcement Gap (47 minutes into video)
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