2015 Editorials

December 17, 2015

Margin of error: Why advisors shouldn’t be off-book loan distributors
By Neil Gross

Letting margin and off-book lending proliferate simply invites disaster — as does any arrangement that incentivizes advisors to recommend leveraging

November 23, 2015

Cumming’s report: The final nail in the coffin for trailing commissions
By Neil Gross

There’s really no alternative anymore. Trailers must be banned and the investment industry needs to get on board with that

October 26, 2015

Get ready for the Kijiji Stock Exchange and Uber portfolio-sharing app
By Neil Gross

Can anything stop consumers from using disruptive technology to sidestep the investment industry’s business models?

September 28, 2015

Advisors’ failure rate in recent “mystery shopping” tests: 37%. Imagine if doctors performed that badly.
By Neil Gross

The results underscore an urgent need to reform lax proficiency standards and adopt a best interests duty so Canadians can get the caliber of investment advice they deserve

August 31, 2015

OBSI’s new chief must transform the end game
By Neil Gross

‘Naming and shaming’ is ineffective and dysfunctional. It needs to be replaced by a practical mechanism that produces binding decision

August 4, 2015

Take more and broader collective action, regardless of constitutional leanings
By Neil Gross

Financial services regulators, SROs and legislators should work more closely together to kick out scoundrels and collect the money owed in fines

July 6, 2015

What choice do we have when choice itself is engineered?
By Neil Gross

Investors’ freedom of choice is somewhat illusory. But we can change that and, in the process, make things better for investors and advisors alike

June 8

Whistleblowers deserve full protection – including anonymity
By Neil Gross

Nothing else truly guarantees safety from reprisal, workplace ostracism and career loss

June 1

Crowdfunding has a place, but it’s a crazy way to invest
By Neil Gross 

This article originally published in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business section.

May 11

New plans and proposals deserve praise
By Neil Gross 

Policy initiatives on ETFs, bonds, private placements, pensions and financial planners all merit some cautious kudos

April 13

Want strong investor protection? Become ‘Regulators Without Borders’
By Neil Gross 

Stop making investors figure out who’s got jurisdiction to address their concerns. Instead, build a seamless help desk, and connect all investment regulators to it

March 16

How committed are we to preventing investment fraud?
By Neil Gross 

Beyond education, it will take better co-ordination, stronger tools, firmer sentencing and political resolve to win the battle against fraud

February 16

Crowdfunding portals need to get their own startups right
By Neil Gross 

There are five key steps crowdfunding portals must take right now to ensure their first strides aren’t missteps


If There Must Be an OM Exemption, Make it Safer
By Neil Gross 

Protecting the public from OMs’ misuse isn’t just important for the sake of investors; it’s also necessary to help small businesses gain sustainable access to capital

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