Mission & Strategic Priorities

Mission Statement

The mission of FAIR Canada is to be a catalyst for enhancing the rights of Canadian shareholders and individual investors including being a national voice for investors in securities regulation.

Strategic Priorities 2017 to 2020

1.    Providing the Investor Perspective to Securities Regulators and Governments

FAIR Canada will advise Canadian securities regulators, SRO’s and governments on policy issues relating to Canadian shareholders and individual investors. FAIR Canada’s recommendations will focus on providing an investor perspective in policy development, consistent with FAIR Canada’s role as a national voice for investors in securities regulation.

2.    Client-Advisor Relationship

FAIR Canada will continue to call for reform of the client-financial advisor relationship to encourage a better alignment of the interests of retail investors and dealers and their representatives and improve outcomes for the investing public. FAIR Canada will also advocate for the adoption of a requirement that registrants act in the best interests of their client.

3.    Need for Simpler, Effective, Lower Risk Products that Provide Good Outcomes

FAIR Canada believes that there is a need for producing simpler, effective, lower risk and lower fee products.

FAIR Canada will investigate and analyze the impact of complex and high-fee investments on investors, promote greater transparency surrounding fees, and call for a ban on compensation structures that lead to poor advice (including trailing commissions). FAIR Canada will also investigate and analyze more substantive regulation of investments that often lead to poor consumer outcomes (such as group scholarship plans, syndicated mortgages and segregated funds).

4.    Financial Fraud and Other Misconduct

FAIR Canada will continue to make recommendations to help combat investment fraud.

5.    Minority Investor Rights Issues

FAIR Canada will focus on the interests of minority investors, particularly retail investors in securities regulation, and speak out on their behalf.

6.    Maintain and Enhance Relationships and Secure Long-Term Funding

FAIR Canada will focus on securing long-term funding.

FAIR Canada will also maintain and enhance relationships with securities regulators, SROs, governments, consumer organizations, investor advocates, the media and other organizations.

7.    Take Action on Emerging Issues
FAIR Canada will take action in response to emerging trends and issues in financial investments, where warranted, in the interest of the investing public.