Stephen A. Jarislowsky (Former Director)

Montreal, QC | Stephen Jarislowsky was born in Berlin, Germany in 1925.  He attended public and high school in the Netherlands and France and emigrated to the United States in 1941.  He attended preparatory school in North Carolina followed by Cornell University (Mechanical Engineering) and then served in the US Army.  He finished basic training and studied Japanese at the University of Chicago prior to serving in Counter-Intelligence in Japan after the war. On return to the USA, he attended the University of Chicago graduation with an MA and Phi Beta Kappa Honors.  He followed this with MBA studies at Harvard Business School.

He worked three years with Alcan Aluminum in Montreal and briefly returned to the United States prior to starting Jarislowsky, Fraser & Company Limited in June 1955 in Montreal.

Now Chairman and former CEO and President of the firm for 40 years, he has directed the growth of the company to become one of the largest and most successful investment management firms in Canada.

Mr. Jarislowsky has been active in other corporations, participated in educational, cultural and charitable activities of many kinds, endowed several Universities, Mr. Jarislowsky chairs and contributes frequently to television, radio, magazines and newspapers.  Mr. Jarislowsky was a co-founder of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance.

He is a recipient of the Order of Canada, Honorary LL.D. from Queen’s and the University of Alberta, as well as the Université de Montréal.

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