Governance / Board of Directors

FAIR Canada is governed by its own board of directors. The board of directors of FAIR Canada is responsible for appointing and supervising executive staff of the Foundation.

Current Directors

Preet Banerjee*
Stephen A. Jarislowsky
Guy Lemoine (Co-Chair)^*
Rossa O’Reilly^*
Ellen Roseman (Co-Chair)^*
Marc J. Ryan
Larry Bates^

Former Directors

Dawn Russell
Larry Waite

Ermanno Pascutto
Stanley Beck
Stan Buell
Bradley Doney
Neil de Gelder

Claude Lamoureux
Robert Pouliot
Whipple Steinkraus
Glorianne Stromberg

Ed Waitzer
Laura Tamblyn Watts
Tania Willumsen

*Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee is composed of four directors:  Rossa O’Reilly (Chair), Preet Banerjee, Guy Lemoine and Ellen Roseman. The financial statements of FAIR Canada are audited, and its fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The auditor is Stern Cohen, LLP.

^Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of four directors and the Executive Director: Guy Lemoine (Co-Chair), Rossa O’Reilly, Ellen Roseman (Co-Chair), Larry Bates and Ermanno Pascutto.

Marketing and Communications Committee

A new committee established in 2019, this committee is chaired by Larry Bates and includes Preet Banerjee, Ellen Roseman, Marc Ryan and Ermanno Pascutto.

Board Meetings

The board generally meets bi-monthly and also holds a full-day strategic planning meeting each year. In addition to the meetings, staff also consults the board on important policy submissions and reports. FAIR Canada plans to focus on four strategic priorities for the years 2017 to 2020.

Qualifications of the Board

In selecting the board of directors, the following were key criteria in identifying potential directors:

  • Knowledge and experience in financial markets
  • Expertise in law, financial disclosure and regulation
  • Representative of different regions of Canada
  • Representative of investors, with particular reference to individual investors
  • Reputation for integrity and acting in the public interest
  • No material conflicts of interest