Financials and Accountability Report

Funding and Financial Statements

FAIR Canada was established in June 2008 to advocate for investor rights and be a catalyst for positive change within the Canadian capital markets.

 We receive the bulk of our funding from securities regulators and self-regulatory organizations (SRO), but we operate independently and at arm’s length from any government, regulator, or SRO. 

 FAIR Canada also receives donations from individual Canadians that support our mission and goals – to fight for the rights of investors, particularly retail investors. 

We also receive grants from the Government of Canada or from Access to Justice Funds run by Law Foundations in Ontario and other provinces.  These foundations receive Cy-Pres awards from the courts, which can be used to help support organizations like FAIR Canada.   

FAIR Canada is grateful for all the financial contributions received from our many donors over the years.  These contributions enable us to boost investor rights in Canada and shine a light on those areas that still need to be improved.  

 FAIR Canada’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30.

FAIR Canada Audited Financial Statements

Accountability Report

FAIR Canada’s Accountability Report: 2014-2017 : A Watershed Moment

FAIR Canada Accountability Report: January 2012 – June 2014

FAIR Canada Accountability Report: June 2008 – December 2011

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